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Have you ever experienced an inspirational speech that gave you renewed energy, perspective, and purpose for your work?

We know that feeling too. At Sequent, we're endlessly inspired by caring thought leaders who challenge our thinking and advance our understanding. Like you, we want to become better professionals and look to leaders and their messages as ideals to strive toward.


70% of employees aren't happy at work.

Why We Choose to Speak About Employee Happiness

We're proud to play an active part in the community of inspired thought leadership. Our team has gained tremendously valuable experience with a variety of important workplace issues, including effective leadership techniques, employee engagement, career and family balance, and more.

We feel it is our duty to share what we've learned with others who aspire to improve the quality and effectiveness of their workplaces. After all, 70% of employees aren't happy at work. That's not only sad but damaging to business profitability. We're on a mission to change that trend. So, if your workplace needs a boost, one of our speaking engagements may be able to help.

What You Can Expect

When you grant us the privilege of speaking to your company, here's what you can expect:

  • Prompt and courteous communications in the lead up to the event.

  • Meetings by phone or in person to better understand how we can best serve your audience.

  • A professionally prepared presentation on the topic of your choice delivered with passion and aimed to achieve the outcomes you desire.

  • A media bundle following the presentation where attendees can revisit the presentation slides, any included multimedia, and related resources.

  • A follow-up conversation to listen to your feedback and any reactions you care to share from those in the attendance to ensure we achieved our desired outcome.

Effective Leadership

We believe in the power and utility of servant leadership. When business leaders embrace this mindset and adopt these behaviors, their positive influence over their teams soars. We can help you better understand yourself and your leadership style so that you can better serve the needs of your employees and business for collective success.

Career and Family Balance

The demands between work and family have only gotten harder in recent economic times. That added stress is harmful to happiness on both fronts. Thanks to our focus on workplace well-being powered by employee happiness, we can offer practical insights into how you can strike a healthier balance that reduces stress and raises results.

Employee Engagement

Disengaged employees cost your business dearly. Output suffers, lowering profits. Morale suffers, poisoning your culture. Frustration boils over, sparking retention problems. Thus, by focusing on employee happiness, your business is positioned to prevent these issues from even starting, clearing the way for high-performance and profitability.

Healthcare Reform

We demystify and simplify the otherwise complex changes coming soon due to new Affordable Care Act laws. There's no need to be panicked or unprepared for these changes. We can get you ready.

In-Demand Speaking Topics

Regardless of topic, our objective is to facilitate the outcome you want most. To that end, we're happy to conduct our talks either as dedicated speeches/keynotes or as workshops.

Begin your education about these important subjects by reading Beth Thomas' acclaimed book, Powered by Happy. Beth is one of our most beloved solution strategists and speakers. Want to learn more how you can live "Powered By Happy"?


Powered By Happy

What Others Are Saying

Limited Brands

When I think of Beth Thomas, three adjectives instantly come to mind: passionate, motivational, and forward-thinking. With these qualities, she creates an exciting and fun atmosphere that produces loyal employees and peers, a refreshing experience in today's working world.”

—Michelle Bajorek, Limited Brands


Bill's audiences have called him engaging, humorous, and informative. His deep industry knowledge, his attitudes toward shared ownership for business successes, and his upbeat, dynamic way of getting our attention helps us look at ourselves and our leadership through new eyes, enabling us to entertain a more empowering leadership style.”

—HOPS Technology Incorporated

Ann Taylor

Beth Thomas demonstrates a level of experience and depth of knowledge of corporate training that I have not seen in any consultants I have worked with before.”

—Jesse Napoli, Vice President, Ann Taylor

What Should We Talk About?

If you think one of our talks could energize and educate your employees, or if you simply want more information, please let us know. We're excited for the opportunity to speak with you.

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